#Video Managed Services

Team of experts dedicated to the satisfaction of your users

With the video managed services offer, you get tailored human services for the management and operation of your video conferencing environment. Our team of experts is committed to support you every day by treating all incidents to your infrastructure, equipment and users.

Our strenghts


A team available anytime, in the language of your users and branded with your company colors.

Expertise & Mastery

A tailor-made service for every internal procedure and based on a clear understanding of your environment.

Return On Investment

Professional services to optimize your investment by increasing your internal use.

Why choose G2J Video Managed Services?

To guarantee the quality and ensure continuity of service.


Certified and renowned experts for a dedicated support.


Enjoy one stop shop whatever your needs are.


Delegate the daily management of your environment : stay focus on your strategics topics.


Reduce your management costs and increase your usages and ROI.

A dedicated team for all professional managed services

Equipment parc management

Video Managed services team is incharge of the administration, the equipment upgrade and the maintenance of the video conferencing infrastructures and endpoints.

  • Scalable maintenance: Make the changes recommended by manufacturers after qualification and validation.
  • Preventive maintenance: Periodically test the features on operating conditions.
  • Palliative maintenance: Implement a workaround to ensure continuity of service.
  • Corrective maintenance: resolve incidents detected on your equipment (infrastructure/endpoints).
  • Escalation & communication: Engage with different actors of your ecosystem : operator, integrator and internal technical team etc.

Proactivity and incident resolution


Supervision and monitoring: The team monitores in real time your infrastructures and endpoints statuts. This 24/7 supervision enables team to see instantly any incident throught proactive alerts. Your experts analyze this alerts and find an adapted action : diagnosis, incident resolution, ticketing with operateur, integrator or technical internal department.

Incident Resolution

Our video managed services team aims to diagnose and solve all technical incident which has been detected with the real time and pro active supervision of your entire parc. This service enables your company to maintain your video conferencing activity witouht any communication failure. Our experts advice and take adapted actions to upgrade and optimize continuisly your environment.


This team communicate with you each day/week/month to provide your personal metrics and KPIs through tailore-made reports. These documents enable you to supervise and manage your video conferencing activity. You keep the control and a 360° view on your environment and get business grade figures to take the best strategic decision for your organization.

Personal Conciergerie


Dedicated users assistance to help and support 24/7 you community. This team aims to imrpove your internal use and increase the satisfaction of your users.

Main missions:

  • Incident management
  • Video conferences management : booking, invitation, test and live monitoring
  • Incident resolution and escalation

This multilingue business class support enables your company to increase the use of video conferencing solutions.

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